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If you’re here because you’ve read my column on email in the Chronicle Herald (http://thechronicleherald.ca/business/…) , you’re in the right spot! So here we go…

You know where it’s all headed eh? Disposable tablets. That’s right. Tablet PCs are being produced so cheaply in India that they are starting to become a single-use device.

For many of you, the reason you keep emails in your inbox is that you don’t have time to deal with them all right now, but you don’t want to forget about them, right? So if you’re like many people, you end up inundated with emails and an inbox that is so deep you can’t see the bottom.

I use a little trick with Outlook signatures, and from what I gather from talking to a few folks, not too many people do this.

When I first met Chris Lambie, the new Herald Business Editor, I explained that I always strive for my column to be about real life business situations where technology plays a part, and to speak from personal experience as opposed to secondary research.