Nicom IT Solutions Inc. Privacy Policy

At Nicom IT we recognize the importance of protecting your personal information. Periodically, throughout our website, Nicom IT will ask you to provide your contact information to receive notification regarding product/service or website updates. The information that we collect enables Nicom IT to understand our online visitors so that we can serve them better in the future and keep them up-to-date with what is happening at our company. Subscribers will not receive any unsolicited e-mail or correspondence if they have not provided Nicom IT with prior permission. Nicom IT does not collect personal information without providing you with prior notice. We also do not use cookies, which are used to collect personal information, about our website visitors. All website traffic studies that are conducted by Nicom IT is through the use of server log file analysis and interpretation.

What Happens to Your Personal Information

All personal information that Nicom IT collects on this website is stored in a secure location. At no time will Nicom IT share personal information with third party vendors, as we respect the privacy and confidentiality of our online visitors.

Third Party Links

Throughout the Nicom IT website you may occasionally find links to sites that reside outside of the domain. Nicom IT stresses the fact that once you exit the domain you are subject to the privacy/security policy of the external website.

Use of Content

The content that is published on this website is the property of Nicom IT with the exception of articles published by outside sources, the references of which are included on the site. Content on this site may not be copied, reprinted, published, reengineered, translated, hosted, or distributed by any means without the explicit permission of Nicom IT.


When accessing personal information on this website using Netscape Navigator, or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or higher, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology uses both server authentication and data encryption to help ensure data is safe, secure and available only to you. The site also implements an advanced security method based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications, and hosts your personal information in a secure server environment, using a firewall and other advanced technology, to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Finally, accessing personal information on this website requires unique user names and passwords that must be entered each time a customer logs on. These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the appropriate use of data.

Privacy of Employment Information

  • We will not give out your e-mail address. We need your e-mail address because often it is the most effective way of communicating with you. Also, e-mail addresses are unique, and guarantee that we can keep your records separate from others. We will not add your e-mail address to any other list, or pass it along to anyone without your express approval, but we will use it to communicate with you on occasion.
  • We will keep your information safe. We will keep your records in a password-protected database. If you send us your resume, it too will be kept in a password-protected area, and only authorized persons will know how to view it. We will not give out your password over the phone. We will not give out your password over the telephone. If you forget your password, you must e-mail us using the address on record, and we will electronically send it back to the account used.
  • We will keep your information confidential. We will not divulge any private information to anyone other than for the purpose of finding employment for you. We will not contact your current employer, unless you name them as a reference. We will not post your name or resume on any Internet site or bulletin board without your express approval. If you instruct us to do so, we will check with you prior to submitting your name or resume to any prospective employer. (This is an option on the form you fill in.) We will remove your records from our system at any time upon request.
  • You will always know what information we keep. You will have access to your records as per the instructions on the Skills Profile form. Upon request, we will reveal to you your specific information that we have on record.

Pat d’Entremont, our privacy officer, will answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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