When you plug in a USB pen drive Windows automatically assigns the next available drive letter. This can become a little confusing when you are dealing with multiple devices. The following are instructions on how to map a USB device to a folder.

Select the text you wish to be displayed in the footer;
Click the “insert” tab;
Click the “Bookmark” icon;
Enter the name for the bookmark and click add…

What makes a good Information Technology professional? Is it simply good training, gritty determination, logical thinking, and the ability to put in long hours alone at the keyboard?

Last year for the holidays I rallied the troops at my office to see if we could come up with tips and trick that you can use every day when using technology and we came up with quite a number of suggestions. Once again our staff gave generously and here is this year’s list for you to unwrap.

As we enter these dog days of summer, why don’t you take a break and visit some of these interesting web sites to see if there are utilities you would like to use to make your life a little easier.