Earlier in the year, Nicom put into production for the Port of Halifax an “Enhanced Container Tracking” web application, which answers the question definitively, “Where is my container?”. That seems to be a simple enough question, but if the answer is “over there, see, under that stack of other containers,” then that doesn’t do you much good.

After many months of work, our own Mike  Hatfield is a published author. His technology book, “CoffeeScript Application Development Cookbook” has been published and is now available on the Packt and Amazon websites.

In the middle of our last winter storm, one of our customers called in a panic that they could not get in the office and wanted to know if we could do an important update for them. Which of course we did. But here’s the interesting part: our office was also empty on account of the storm.

I just finished an all-weekend workshop in Halifax on raising capital to fuel growth for companies. It was sponsored by ACOA and what an intense thing it was. At its core was a methodology and an online tool for defining at a very deep level what your company is all about, who its customers are, and what customer pain it solves.

One of our employees is off to Meteghan River this weekend in the beautiful (full disclosure: I’m from there) Acadian district of Nova Scotia. He is doing an Exchange Server upgrade for a client who is moving from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2013. Simple, n’est-ce pas? Copy files from A to B and Bob’s your N’Oncle.