I’ve started a list of things that should be in the Smithsonian Institution but aren’t. So far I’ve got one thing: the original scoreboard in the Houston Astrodome.

Given the buzz in the air around this year’s Build conference, you may have missed their announcement on releasing a brand new code editor called Visual Studio Code or VS Code for short.

Kudos to Charles and Orin in our Technical Support team for having done a seamless in-house migration to Office 365. The event was carefully planned, the instructions very well communicated, and the execution flawless. Now Nicom doesn’t just install clients on cloud computing – we actually use it ourselves!

In the middle of our last winter storm, one of our customers called in a panic that they could not get in the office and wanted to know if we could do an important update for them. Which of course we did. But here’s the interesting part: our office was also empty on account of the storm.

My smartphone is smarter than me, and it was rubbing it my face over the weekend. Firstly, in Nova Scotia I now have to use 10-digit dialing even for local calls, 11 digits (including “1”) for long distance calls, and 12-digits (including “9 to get out”) when I am calling from the office, except of course only 11 digits from the office for local calls (including the “9” but not the “1”) or when I’m calling from the office using my smartphone, which used to be able to figure it all out from 7 digits but now needs 10 or 11 but never 12.