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Mapping a USB Drive to a Folder

When you plug in a USB pen drive Windows automatically assigns the next available drive letter. This can become a little confusing when you are dealing with multiple devices. The following are instructions on how to map a USB device to a folder: Create a subfolder under “My Documents” called USB; Under the USB folder […]


Not understanding is like having a thorn stuck in your thumb that just won’t come out. You don’t know why, and it’s painful. Ketchup makes a hotdog taste better. It’s like putting a dab of perfume on. Knowing where your container is at all times with a tracking system is relief in knowing the day […]

For Organizational Collaboration, MOSS is Boss

Last month I wrote about all types of server software: Windows Server for sharing files, SQL Server for databases, Exchange Server for email, and Internet Information Server for hosting websites. But I didn’t talk about the fastest-selling server software ever because I was saving it for an article of its own. It is Microsoft Office […]

The Price of Technology

What got me thinking about the price of technology was a coworker who bought her son an mp3 player from Walmart for $20. Two months later, she finally opened the box and began using it herself. This tiny little device that stores music and pictures, which I recall being all the rage not that long […]