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Responsive, Adaptive or Mobile Website?

With the large variety of screen sizes and browser widths in use today, it’s very hard for a web designer to cater to all users using traditional design techniques. Just as screens are growing larger (with desktop displays) and smaller (with mobile computing), how do you accommodate so many vastly opposing scenarios? The fact is we live in an emerging Post-Desktop era that necessitates developing a website that considers, or even caters, to the mobile phone and tablet.


Save Time and Money with a Content Management System

If a website is going to be successful, fresh up-to-date content is the key but updating your website can quickly become a hassle if you don’t have a content management system (CMS) in place. You could rely on your web design firm but that can become costly, and cutting out the middle man is always faster.


A Good Idea Goes a Long Way

How would you like generate a boat load of traffic to your web site without filling someone else’s boat with money to do it?  Well, it could be just as simple as coming up with the right idea. Or to be more specific, an idea that people will talk about.