Oh, T-SQL, take me away!

Ok, so I have this project that I’m working on with a complex security requirement. I’ve built the data layer using NetTiers as a C# library. All of the necessary methods have been exposed as a user-friendly API via a VB.NET client library.

Problem #1, my library is required to make WAY too many calls to the database as the security process works its way through the layers of permissions (business rule permissions). How do we reduce these database calls?

Answer #1, implement my database calls as native SQL functions.

Hmm, what would be involved in essentially converting my VB.NET functions as T-SQL functions? Surprisingly not much. Once you get past the fact that every line needs to be re-coded, the work really isn’t all that bad. It’s an effort that will pay off in dividends in terms of speed and efficiency.

Now, if I can do something about that large session parameter class we’re using.