Press Release – Nicom Certified to Handle Controlled Goods

Halifax, November 19, 2012 – Nicom IT Solutions of Halifax is now certified to handle military-related goods and technology in accordance with the federal government’s Controlled Goods Program.

That means that Nicom can now be exposed to sensitive data in the course of its work, including drawings, parts lists and assembly instructions that contain sufficient information to replicate assemblies used on satellites, spacecraft, munitions, missiles and other military and aerospace systems.

The electronic storage and back-up of this documentation belongs in the country’s Export Control list, which necessitates a Controlled Goods Certificate.

Pat d’Entremont, partner at Nicom explains their motivation to embark on this program as saying they are simply getting ready for what they hope is a lot of contract work and sub-contract work within the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy announced a year ago.

“One of our clients called to say we should get prepared if we want to work on certain projects with them, then another large national firm called and asked us if we were certified,” said d’Entremont, “so we decided to just do it.”

Nicom already has Government of Canada Personnel Screening clearance, with most of its employees at the level of “Secret”. That helped with the application for Controlled Goods, which took around eight months to achieve. Part of that time was developing a security plan which would satisfy the requirements of the Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate.

Nicom IT Solutions, owned by David Nicholson and Pat d’Entremont, is an IT professional services firm based in Halifax which specializes in IT consulting, software development, technical support, Internet marketing, and web design and development.

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