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Mini Laptops Easy on Back and Pocketbook

I don’t really “get” shopping at Costco. For starters, you have to pay to become a member, which essentially means you need to buy the right to become their customer. Then when you get there, you feel you have to buy in quantities that rival army rations. And on your way out, they practically frisk […]

Summer Fun – Custom Headphones from iFrogz

One thing that’s great about having a technology column is that people send you cool toys to try out. One such sample that I recently received was a set of customizable headphones by iFrogz (www.iFrogz.com). I don’t use headphones myself so I got one of our web developers to try them out. He’s a real […]

GHP Connector Program

I was recently honoured by being given the opportunity of being the first “connector” in the Greater Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program, to help immigrants find employment. Have a look at the following link for a description of this program: http://www.greaterhalifax.com/en/home/about_the_partnership/services/connectorprogram/communicate.aspx

Another Smart Person in Our Midst

Congratulations to Charles Thomas for successfully passing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications exam! For this achievement, Charles is receiving a certificate from the Microsoft Dynamics Certification Program. Charles had a whopping 96% overall score, demonstrating that he clearly grasps the concepts of CRM. We are currently in the process of converting our internal Sales […]