Two New Microsoft Certifications

Being a “Microsoft Partner” is a lot more than registering and paying your dues. You have to keep qualifying for competencies, via training/writing exams and client engagements/references, as well as having personnel on staff that are individually certified. In the past two weeks, Nicom has obtained two new “Silver” certifications:

  • Small and Mid Market Cloud Solutions (which means we understand and deploy Office 365)
  • Devices and Deployment (which is more on the hardware end of things).

We are proud of these certs and the people who make them happen.


Being Productive in Spite of the Weather

In the middle of our last winter storm, one of our customers called in a panic that they could not get in the office and wanted to know if we could do an important update for them. Which of course we did. But here’s the interesting part: our office was also empty on account of the storm. Their call was redirected to Leanne’s cell phone, and she got online and emailed Ryan, also stranded at his home, who logged into the server remotely and did the required update. At Nicom, we have a policy of providing free high-speed home Internet to our employees, but the trade-off is we expect them to still be productive in a storm. All it takes is a little preparation (and for the power to stay on).