GHP Connector Program

I was recently honoured by being given the opportunity of being the first “connector” in the Greater Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program, to help immigrants find employment. Have a look at the following link for a description of this program:

Another Smart Person in Our Midst

Congratulations to Charles Thomas for successfully passing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications exam!

For this achievement, Charles is receiving a certificate from the Microsoft Dynamics Certification Program. Charles had a whopping 96% overall score, demonstrating that he clearly grasps the concepts of CRM.

We are currently in the process of converting our internal Sales and Support groups to CRM and offering CRM consulting to our customers, so Charles’ contribution will be a valued one.

Way to go Charles!

Does Your Business Have a Plan in the Event of a Pandemic?

Imagine what your company would be like if fifty percent of your employees – or more – fell ill at the same time. Would you be able to continue operating?

What about after the symptoms have passed and they are capable of working, only they are instructed to stay home as is often the case with the H1N1 virus – would they then be able to be productive?

With today’s technology, the effects of a pandemic or other threat to the continuity of your business can be mitigated by putting into practice such things as alternate workplaces, work from home abilities, and notification callouts. But it all takes planning so that if a threat were to become a reality, your business is prepared.

That type of planning is what Ian McLaws does. He is the consultant who was brought in by Jazz Air LP (doing business throughout North America as Air Canada Jazz) to help implement their Business Continuity Plan. On June 16, Jazz did a thorough 24-hour test of their plan using their Alternate Systems Operations Control Centre in Burnside, and it went without a hitch.

McLaws explains that a Business Continuity Plan, or BCP, is designed to enable a business to continue operating while recovering from a disaster and to resume normal operations. It involves planning for the eventuality of a disaster event so that essential business functions such as Information Technology can continue operating.

McLaws’ main role at Jazz was to manage the disaster recovery plan part of it, or DRP, which outlines the steps necessary to restore the Information Technology environment to its normal state.

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