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If you’re here because you’ve read my column on email in the Chronicle Herald (http://thechronicleherald.ca/business/…) , you’re in the right spot! So here we go…

There was a good article on us in the latest Port of Halifax magazine; click on this link below, press the right arrow three times, click on the page to zoom in, then click and drag the article into view.

The article on Christmas Daddies as originally published failed to recognize the work of Genevieve Kelly on the web site, which was attributed solely to Matthew Carleton.

Given his very positive track record with Nicom Interactive, I have asked Andrew Black to help grow our Nicom Maritime division. Andrew had been doing sales at Nicom for a number of years, and will be devoting approximately half his time to Nicom Maritime, working with Barry Milne and me.

You know it’s a sign your customers appreciate you when they send you cards and gift certificates.