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There was a good article on us in the latest Port of Halifax magazine; click on this link below, press the right arrow three times, click on the page to zoom in, then click and drag the article into view…


Christmas Daddies Again a Huge Success

Christmas Daddies raised in excess of $700,000 this year in support of children throughout the Maritimes. We at Nicom are proud to have been part of this charitable cause for the past 11 years. Roxanne Robinson, Executive Director of Christmas Daddies expressed her thankfulness that “people continue to make underprivileged families in our region a priority at this special time of year”.

The Christmas Daddies media release can be found at: http://www.christmasdaddies.org/index.php/news/views/christmas_daddies_telethon_another_resounding_success.


The article on Christmas Daddies as originally published failed to recognize the work of Genevieve Kelly on the web site, which was attributed solely to Matthew Carleton. While Mr. Carleton constructed the web site and implemented the Social Media elements that were the main points of the article, he did so using the look and feel and original design concepts of Ms Kelly. I apologize to Ms Kelly for this ommission.

(The article with proper attribution is at http://nicominteractive.com/wp_blog.nicomit.com/index.php/2010/11/social-media-can-enhance-a-fine-tradition-like-christmas-daddies.)

Social Media can Enhance a Fine Tradition Like Christmas Daddies

Our favourite charity at Nicom is Christmas Daddies, an organization that has been dedicated to helping children throughout the Maritime Provinces since 1964. No doubt most readers have seen the telethons at one time or another, proceeds of which are distributed by the Salvation Army to needy families.

For a number of years now, we have been managing the Christmas Daddies web site and this year it is going through its fourth design. Besides giving it a new look and feel, the new design incorporates many Social Media aspects and for this reason I thought it would be of interest to my business readers. I met with Matthew Carleton who developed the site to discuss the objectives for the new site, and he told me some very interesting things I’d like to share with you.

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New Work Coming from Philadelphia to Nicom Maritime

Congratulations to Mike Hatfield and Ken Acker for bringing in some new business from the Maritime Exchange in Philadelphia.

This new piece of work has to do with changes that the United States Customs and Border Protection arm of Homeland Security is implementing to their standards for receiving cargo manifest information.

Known as ACE M1, these changes allow CBP to place and remove holds against bills of lading, specific containers, or entire manifests, as related to ocean and rail cargo. The system that Nicom Maritime modernized for the Maritime Exchange will therefore need to be modified to incorporate these changes.

This will mean shuffling of resources for us, but those are the kinds of problems we like to be working on!

Well done guys!