SMU Graduate Program Designed to Help Entrepreneurial Students Capitalize on Mega-Projects

If you are a technologist and an innovator, and you think you have an entrepreneurial bent, then do I have the training program for you!

It is at Saint Mary’s University, and it is called the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) program. I know I could have used it when I was starting out, instead of my Master of Hard Knocks (MHK) post-graduate work.

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Rogers Shows Leadership in “the Internet of Things”

There’s nothing quite as Canadian as street hockey.

While the NHL was locked out and the world juniors were playing in the middle of the night, I had been relegated to watching a lot of curling and the fireplace channel on TV. But that all changed with our annual west-end street hockey tournament in Halifax at the end of 2012.

Actually, telecommunications is also quite Canadian. With so much geography to cover and such a small population, Canada has always been a leader, and I try to keep up as best I can.

I was recently speaking with Eric Simmons, general manager of machine-to-machine communications at Rogers Communications, and he was telling me that Rogers provides leadership in “the Internet of Things.”

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