50 for 50

You know it’s a sign your customers appreciate you when they send you cards and gift certificates.

Charles Thomas received a card for his upcoming birthday from Strum Environmental Services. In it was a gift certificate for $50 at Canadian Tire.

I guess they felt there would be some significance to the number “50”, which leaves me somewhat perplexed, seeing how Charles is turning 39.

Internet Marketing is Easy and Accessible, and Brings Measurable Results

What is Internet marketing, who uses it, and what happens to businesses who don’t use it?

These are questions I recently asked Alexandra Fricker. Fricker is a ten year marketing veteran, and my business associates liked her so much they hired her. That’s right; I came back from vacation last week and there she was!

And I thought, before sending her to help clients with their Internet marketing strategies, why don’t I see if she can help me out. So I put her to the test, and I must say she came through admirably with her answers to my questions.

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