Of Technology and Gilligan’s Island

Some of you will remember Gilligan’s Island. Stranded on a remote island for three years, the Professor figured out how to communicate with an orbiting Apollo spacecraft, how to build a two-way radio out of coconut shells and seawater, and how to establish an irrigation system using bamboo poles. Yet he wasn’t able to patch a hole on the side of the boat that brought them there.

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Fresh New Paint in our Office

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make an office look nice and modern. Our old green was “so 2008, so 2000 and late”, as the song said.

office new paint

Five Basic Goals for any Website

We’ve just started re-building the website for a new client in the seaport business. So many websites out there need the same basic fixes, and that drives our goals for this project:

  1. Understand your target audience. In order for your website to be of value to your target audience, you need to understand what they are interested in. All aspects of your website should be driven by the needs of your target audience.
  2. Be easy to find, and have visitors landing on the right page. People rely on search engines to find what they are looking for, and they want to land not only on the right website, but in the right spot on that website. The trick is to make it be your website.
  3. Be mobile friendly. People expect a positive user experience on all types of devices and not just a desktop computer.
  4. Be interactive. This is where it pays for us to have programmers working with designers. More and more, websites and online business apps become one and the same thing, and that’s a good thing.
  5. Be easy to maintain. Having your website built on a user friendly content management system will give you the power to easily keep your content up to date. This will result in added value for users and improved search engine performance.

There’s more, but I believe those are the five big ones. Take care of those and the website will reach a larger audience, and the right audience.


I think there has to be an acknowledgement that as the world changes, so must we. Some things, however, don’t change and sometimes those are the ones that matter. In 2015, may we remember to be more kind than right, more appreciative than understood, and more loving than demanding. May we be appreciative of the country we live in, the freedoms we enjoy, and the opportunities that abound around us.