Product Review: The Little DVD Player That Could

One of the great things about having a technology column is that you get to play with
cool toys. The latest one to cross my desk is an ultra-slim DVD reader/burner for
people on the go.

For a while now computers have been made without any diskette drive and many laptop
computers come without a DVD drive. Because so much of your data comes via online,
there is not often a need for a removable media device.

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Managing Your Desktop or Laptop Computer

A few months back I wrote an article about keeping computer networks safe and secure. Now it’s time to write about desktop computers. That shiny new piece of gear you just got for Christmas will be a source of frustration if you come to depend on it and it fails you. So here are some things you should do to keep your system running smoothly.

Get familiar with Windows Help and the Control Panel. Most of what I discuss in this article can be found via the Control Panel. Or you can click Help and Support from the Start button and search for the feature.

Back up your data files frequently. Windows comes with backup and restore programs you can use for this purpose. At the very least, do frequent manual copies of critical data files from your hard drive to an external backup device.

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Vista –a Good News Story (Mostly)

Welcome to this, my first installment of Business Technology. My intent with this column is to review computer technology from a business user perspective. I will try to keep it in plain English, stay away from the hype and discuss things the average business person might encounter. (I will include a glossary of terms when I do need to drift into jargon.) If you have any topics you would like discussed in future articles, please send me an email; if it has to do with technology, chances are either myself or one of my colleagues has hands-on experience with it.

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