With Emerging Technology, Information Management Remains Key

Let’s talk about tablets and smartphones, and the first thing to understand is that it is not about the device, it is about the data. Hand-held devices do not store large amounts of data, and this is where the “cloud” comes in.

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Texting: Does it Add To the Conversation or Subtract From It?

Here is a scenario that many parents have experienced: You call your teenager on their cell phone and get no answer. You then text them and get an instant reply.

And they get both messages on the same device!

Why, you say, could they not respond to the phone call when they just proved by responding to the text message that they had the phone in their hands all the time?

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Equals6 Portal Helps Students Find That First Job

There has been a lot of talk in business circles of late about the problem graduates have in finding employment. A Halifax firm believes it has an answer.

Equals6 is an online portal that students can use in their academic and career development, to connect with like-minded individuals and also with potential employers. It is the brainchild of Haligonian Andy Osburn, who stresses that this is a “professional” network, not a “social” one. If you want to exchange photos go elsewhere, but if you want to build an online portfolio of your goals, experience, skills, work samples, etc., then this is the place.

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Social Media can Enhance a Fine Tradition Like Christmas Daddies

Our favourite charity at Nicom is Christmas Daddies, an organization that has been dedicated to helping children throughout the Maritime Provinces since 1964. No doubt most readers have seen the telethons at one time or another, proceeds of which are distributed by the Salvation Army to needy families.

For a number of years now, we have been managing the Christmas Daddies web site and this year it is going through its fourth design. Besides giving it a new look and feel, the new design incorporates many Social Media aspects and for this reason I thought it would be of interest to my business readers. I met with Matthew Carleton who developed the site to discuss the objectives for the new site, and he told me some very interesting things I’d like to share with you.

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What You Need to Know about Twitter

Imagine if Twitter had been invented over a hundred years ago and the telephone within the past decade. We’d all be going on about this great new telephone invention – it requires no screen or keyboard, understands ordinary speech in any language, comes in many colours and models, instant-on, private and secure, no viruses, etc. etc.

And of course Alex Bell’s tweet would now be legend: “OMG Watson, cm here I want 2 C U.”

But alas the reverse is true, and everybody is talking about communicating via Twitter. Yet, many people have little idea what Twitter is all about, and it is for those people that this article is intended.

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