Summer Fun – Custom Headphones from iFrogz

One thing that’s great about having a technology column is that people send you cool toys to try out. One such sample that I recently received was a set of customizable headphones by iFrogz ( I don’t use headphones myself so I got one of our web developers to try them out. He’s a real audiophile and found them not as high-fidelity as his, which deliver an oh-so-pure sound.

Then I went to the other end of the scale to my teenager, who hasn’t stopped using them since! The thing is, they’re cool to look at, have a decent sound, and – at least for some people – are more confortable than earbuds.

I’ve seen these in the stores; you can buy a variety of looks or go online to to place an order that allows you to customize them to suit your taste.

I remember when I was a teenager. The Turtles were all the rage. So happy together…

For Free Long Distance Calling, Skype’s the Limit

We were working on an important proposal just at the time when my business partner, Dave Nicholson, and his wife Judy were scheduled to travel to Mexico on vacation. Since Dave’s job is to keep me from giving away the farm, it was important for us to collaborate on this proposal no matter where in the world he happened to be at the time. So we decided it was a good time to try out some long distance Internet telephone usage.

We agreed ahead of time when Dave would be available for a call, and when I contacted him I found him (naturally) in a bar. Judy was using his laptop at the time, so she informed Dave that his computer was “ringing”.

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Product Review – Three Smartphones and a High Speed Network

I recently dropped three new smartphones on the desktops of our technical support representatives at Nicom IT Solutions, and they immediately went to town with them. The devices, compliments of Andrew Sherbin of Rogers Communications, are the Nokia N95, the Blackberry Bold, and the Apple iPhone. All three were configured to work with Rogers’ 3G high speed wireless network that was launched this spring in Halifax and Moncton.


The N95 is geared for multimedia. It comes with built-in stereo speakers, wires to hook it up to your home entertainment system, and a whopping 5 megapixel camera. It has a slide-out tray that contains multimedia controls on one side and a keyboard on the other. The keyboard is of the type where one key can stand for multiple letters.

The N95 even comes with a tiny clip-on remote control with the same multimedia controls as on the tray, connected via a wire to the main unit.

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Product Review: The Little DVD Player That Could

One of the great things about having a technology column is that you get to play with
cool toys. The latest one to cross my desk is an ultra-slim DVD reader/burner for
people on the go.

For a while now computers have been made without any diskette drive and many laptop
computers come without a DVD drive. Because so much of your data comes via online,
there is not often a need for a removable media device.

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