Google Apps Offers Free Business Collaboration Software

Practically anyone over the age of eight knows what Google is. My older brother calls it “Googles” and George Bush calls it “The Google”. It’s a noun and a verb in both official languages (“I googled it”/”Je l’ai googlé”). The fact is it’s very well known indeed.

When you think of Google you probably think of the Internet search engine but Google, the company, is much more than that. In fact it’s a multi-billion dollar corporation that offers much more than just a search capability. If you go to and click on “More”, you’ll see what I mean.

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Online Purchasing Systems Safe, Secure if Built Correctly

What happens behind the scenes when you enter your credit card information online? Is it safe? For answers, I turned to the experts at Skipjack Financial Services, a Cincinnati-based company whose Canadian office is in Halifax.  I know them well because my employees at Nicom IT Solutions often use Skipjack when they create web sites that have an online payment option.

The first thing the Skipjack folks pointed out is that online payment processing is not that much different from traditional credit and debit card processing. In fact, a large portion of the transactions that they process are from traditional devices, like point-of-sale terminals.

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