Our Paperboy Knows – Communication is Key

Our paperboy recently exemplified how important it is to communicate with your customer.

After several missed deliveries, I had made up my mind to write to the paper and give them a piece of my mind. Receiving a paper after you’ve left for work is simply not acceptable, I reasoned. “A paper delayed is a paper denied,” I was going to be telling them. (Not bad, eh?)

But before I did, I received the weekend paper – on time – with a nice photocopy of a handwritten note from the paperboy, expressing how he knew how frustrating it must be to not receive the paper on time. Then he explained, without sounding defensive, how hard it is to deliver papers through snowstorms. And finally, he thanked us for not having complained to the head office.

Took the venom right out of my vitriol. And made me think. A. He understands. B. He explained what happened, and how it was beyond his control. C. He said “thanks”. Now, if we use those same three steps, and are proactive about it like he was, how many scrapes can we avoid in our business dealings?

Needless to say, I’m not lodging a complaint.



Online networking options grow in popularity

The best entrepreneurial training I ever received was working at my uncle’s service station when I was a teenager in Lower West Pubnico.

It was a gathering site for people, mostly fishermen, and the conversation was usually pretty lively.

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Visiting the master studio was music to my ears

Ever since I installed Windows 7, whenever my computer comes out of sleep mode I swear I hear the first two notes of the B.J. Thomas song Hooked on a Feeling. And then there’s the computer at the lottery booth in my building that, whenever an instant-win ticket loses, it goes into the opening riff of Spirit in the Sky. “Da-dowwwng”.

I sort of expect it to continue with “Da-dowwng da-dowwng-dowwng-dong.”

Taking Care of Business
You see, back in university I was a disc jockey, and music seems to always rattle around in my head. So I recently decided to rekindle old memories by visiting Ted Hyland and Steve Lunn who are taking care of business every day at Newcap Radio in Halifax.

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Tracking Software Boosts Seaport Business

When I first met Chris Lambie, the new Herald Business Editor, I explained that I always strive for my column to be about real life business situations where technology plays a part, and to speak from personal experience as opposed to secondary research.

Why not then write a story about my company and something it has done for the local community, suggested Chris.

“You can do that?” I asked. I’m just a computer guy, not a journalist.

You can do whatever you want, explained Chris, provided you give full disclosure. So here goes:

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For Free Long Distance Calling, Skype’s the Limit

We were working on an important proposal just at the time when my business partner, Dave Nicholson, and his wife Judy were scheduled to travel to Mexico on vacation. Since Dave’s job is to keep me from giving away the farm, it was important for us to collaborate on this proposal no matter where in the world he happened to be at the time. So we decided it was a good time to try out some long distance Internet telephone usage.

We agreed ahead of time when Dave would be available for a call, and when I contacted him I found him (naturally) in a bar. Judy was using his laptop at the time, so she informed Dave that his computer was “ringing”.

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