The Case for Digital Nova Scotia

Who is the “voice” of the Information and Communications Technology industry in Nova Scotia? Does it need a “voice” to begin with? And if so should it come from industry, government, or a combination of both?

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Nicom Maritime secures Virginia contract

Forwarding an article from the local paper…

January 9, 2012 – 6:58pm By BILL POWER Business Reporter [the Chronicle Herald, Halifax Nova Scotia]

A contract for logistics software will allow Nicom Maritime, a division of Nicom IT Solutions Inc., of Halifax, to help officials at Virginia International Terminals in Norfolk track one of North America’s busiest flows of containers, partner Pat d’Entremont said Monday.

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Managed Print Services Lower Costs, Improve Productivity

You know where it’s all headed eh? Disposable tablets.

That’s right. Tablet PCs are being produced so cheaply in India that they are starting to become a single-use device. Companies there are currently selling these machines for as low as $30 US apiece, and predict they can bring them down to $10. So it isn’t hard to imagine a world where, for example, conference attendees receive their delegate packages burnt onto flash memory in a tablet PC.

So instead of killing trees, we’ll be littering our planet with discarded equipment.

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What We Do at Our Nicom Maritime Division

There was a good article on us in the latest Port of Halifax magazine; click on this link below, press the right arrow three times, click on the page to zoom in, then click and drag the article into view…

Andrew Black helping Nicom Maritime grow

Given his very positive track record with Nicom Interactive, I have asked Andrew Black to help grow our Nicom Maritime division. Andrew had been doing sales at Nicom for a number of years, and will be devoting approximately half his time to Nicom Maritime, working with Barry Milne and me.

Andrew has demonstrated good business development capabilities in our Interactive division, growing that team and introducing new offerings like Internet Marketing (something we’ll also use in Nicom Maritime), content management system expertise, document management expertise, etc.

Now that we have the marketing plan finalized for Nicom Maritime, Andrew will be working on the implementation of that plan. I have every confidence that Andrew will be successful in that endeavour.