Summer Fun – Custom Headphones from iFrogz

One thing that’s great about having a technology column is that people send you cool toys to try out. One such sample that I recently received was a set of customizable headphones by iFrogz ( I don’t use headphones myself so I got one of our web developers to try them out. He’s a real audiophile and found them not as high-fidelity as his, which deliver an oh-so-pure sound.

Then I went to the other end of the scale to my teenager, who hasn’t stopped using them since! The thing is, they’re cool to look at, have a decent sound, and – at least for some people – are more confortable than earbuds.

I’ve seen these in the stores; you can buy a variety of looks or go online to to place an order that allows you to customize them to suit your taste.

I remember when I was a teenager. The Turtles were all the rage. So happy together…

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