Step Right Up! Buy Your “Likes”!

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. I received an email that announced – unabashedly – “Increase Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube Viewers”.

So here’s what they will do. For fifty dollars, they will get you 1000 Facebook “likes”, or 1000 Twitter followers. For one hundred dollars, they will get you 1,000 YouTube views.

And they will “price on request” anything over 1,000.

“We are equipped with the right tools and strategy building,” they brag. And I don’t doubt they can do it. It reminds me of the old “link farms” we used to call them, where you could submit your web address to this database and they would provide you with links, presumably so your rankings would rise with search engines.

I don’t know; call me old fashioned. I like to, you know, provide something of value and earn my followers.

If you agree, click “like”. If you see over 1,000 likes, you’ll know I weakened.

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