On Line Student Loan Application

The province of Nova Scotia had an old web site developed in classic ASP which allowed students to apply for student loans online. They required multiple changes to this site and decided to update to ASP.Net in the process. Using VB.Net and web forms, the entire site was recreated from scratch while adding the additional requirements. The new site also added increased security and privacy elements that the government now requires. A student home area was also added allowing students to check on the status of their loan application(s) and make any inquiries for that loan.

Students that have applied to receive a student loan can call a case worker to inquire onthe status of their loan or ask questions about the loan. The province needed a way to keep track of these inquiries on a per student basis. A Windows application was developed to allow case workers to log calls received by the student. Using the student home area created in #1.1, the students were also able to submit questions through the web interface. The Windows application will notify a case worker that a question was submitted and allow them to answer via the application. Once a question is answered, the student will receive an automated email informing them that their question has been answered and to log in to their home site to see the answer.

Fisheries Management System

A Fisheries Management System to track licenses, quotas, expenses, and landings for Native Fisheries. Technologies include ASP.NET, VS 2012 and Azure-based MS SQL server & web server.

Waste Reporting System

A solid waste reporting system for all municipal and private waste collection, treatment, and storage systems. Technologies include ASP.NET, VS 2012 and MS SQL Server.

Certification Management System

A system to track applicants, qualifications, and certifications issued for certifications managed by NS Environment. Technologies include ASP.NET, VS 2010, and MS SQL Server.

Electorate Registration System

A web based application that provides required functionality to collect, maintain, and update the election-related data to conduct a provincial general election, by-election, or plebiscite.

Physician Services Portal

This application provides multiple services to the College members, such as access to their personal files to update records, print receipts and certificates. The administration section of the application allows administration to manage their needs.

Incorporated Physicians Online Re-registration Application 

This web application provides services to the Incorporated College members for the annual permit renewal. The administration section of the application allows administration to view and approve application forms and online registration payments.