Clippy Trivago Video

Remember Clippy? That animated paper clip thing that zipped around trying to offer help with Microsoft Office?

He was as annoying as is the Trivago commercial guy.

Here is something else I find annoying. I click on a link to an interesting article only to find out when I get there that it’s in fact a video. Now that means I have to put on my headset so I don’t disturb my coworkers, wait for all the junk arranged around it to load up and permit me to hit the start button, skip past commercials, and listen to someone deliver what one would rather read.

And how do you speed-read video? To be honest, most times I just click the exit button.

Am I the only one who doesn’t like video?

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  1. James says:

    I hear you and feel your pain, Pat.
    Most vids are hosted by YouTube, and they have a speed adjustment on their player.
    Other guys don’t – I usually exit those, just as you do.


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