What You Need to Know about Twitter

Imagine if Twitter had been invented over a hundred years ago and the telephone within the past decade. We’d all be going on about this great new telephone invention – it requires no screen or keyboard, understands ordinary speech in any language, comes in many colours and models, instant-on, private and secure, no viruses, etc. etc.

And of course Alex Bell’s tweet would now be legend: “OMG Watson, cm here I want 2 C U.”

But alas the reverse is true, and everybody is talking about communicating via Twitter. Yet, many people have little idea what Twitter is all about, and it is for those people that this article is intended.

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Andrew Black helping Nicom Maritime grow

Given his very positive track record with Nicom Interactive, I have asked Andrew Black to help grow our Nicom Maritime division. Andrew had been doing sales at Nicom for a number of years, and will be devoting approximately half his time to Nicom Maritime, working with Barry Milne and me.

Andrew has demonstrated good business development capabilities in our Interactive division, growing that team and introducing new offerings like Internet Marketing (something we’ll also use in Nicom Maritime), content management system expertise, document management expertise, etc.

Now that we have the marketing plan finalized for Nicom Maritime, Andrew will be working on the implementation of that plan. I have every confidence that Andrew will be successful in that endeavour.


High Tech Professionals Share Best Practices Face-to-face, not Online

If you want your presentations to have a winning edge, Halina St James is chock-full of advice. St James is the energy behind Podium Coaching of Halifax, and living testament to her own advice.

Advice on being passionate, on being yourself, and on knowing your audience. On body language, and on simplicity of your message. On starting right, telling a story, and having a wow factor.

When to emphasize a word, when to pause for effect.

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50 for 50

You know it’s a sign your customers appreciate you when they send you cards and gift certificates.

Charles Thomas received a card for his upcoming birthday from Strum Environmental Services. In it was a gift certificate for $50 at Canadian Tire.

I guess they felt there would be some significance to the number “50”, which leaves me somewhat perplexed, seeing how Charles is turning 39.

Internet Marketing is Easy and Accessible, and Brings Measurable Results

What is Internet marketing, who uses it, and what happens to businesses who don’t use it?

These are questions I recently asked Alexandra Fricker. Fricker is a ten year marketing veteran, and my business associates liked her so much they hired her. That’s right; I came back from vacation last week and there she was!

And I thought, before sending her to help clients with their Internet marketing strategies, why don’t I see if she can help me out. So I put her to the test, and I must say she came through admirably with her answers to my questions.

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