Visiting the master studio was music to my ears

Ever since I installed Windows 7, whenever my computer comes out of sleep mode I swear I hear the first two notes of the B.J. Thomas song Hooked on a Feeling. And then there’s the computer at the lottery booth in my building that, whenever an instant-win ticket loses, it goes into the opening riff of Spirit in the Sky. “Da-dowwwng”.

I sort of expect it to continue with “Da-dowwng da-dowwng-dowwng-dong.”

Taking Care of Business
You see, back in university I was a disc jockey, and music seems to always rattle around in my head. So I recently decided to rekindle old memories by visiting Ted Hyland and Steve Lunn who are taking care of business every day at Newcap Radio in Halifax.

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IT Companies Need to Learn to Work Together, Say Digital Leaders

The Information Technology industry is underperforming in Nova Scotia. That was one of the bold statements made at the recent Digital Leaders Summit in Halifax.

Put on by Digital Nova Scotia, the voice of the IT industry in this province, the summit brought leaders from business, academia, and government into one room to discuss export-driven growth.

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Does the Internet Really Advance Us As a Society?

The loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changing.
– Bob Dylan

Where I grew up, there was this old widower who used to say of his vacuum cleaner that it didn’t pick anything up, it just reorganized the dirt and that made the house look cleaner. In a sense that’s what the Internet does; it doesn’t eliminate anything, it just reorganizes it and makes us feel like we’ve advanced as a society.

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Equals6 Portal Helps Students Find That First Job

There has been a lot of talk in business circles of late about the problem graduates have in finding employment. A Halifax firm believes it has an answer.

Equals6 is an online portal that students can use in their academic and career development, to connect with like-minded individuals and also with potential employers. It is the brainchild of Haligonian Andy Osburn, who stresses that this is a “professional” network, not a “social” one. If you want to exchange photos go elsewhere, but if you want to build an online portfolio of your goals, experience, skills, work samples, etc., then this is the place.

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A Visit from Jobs and Gates

Feedback I get from time to time is that my articles are “too technical”. Well it is after all a technology column; however, I am mindful that many business people appreciate plain English once in a while. So my approach is to keep it fairly technical throughout the year, then ease the throttle back for the Holidays.

This year’s December piece is presented in verse, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore (and Henry Livingston, just in case).

‘Twas a late night last weekend, when all through the house
Just one thing was stirring: my infrared mouse.

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