With Emerging Technology, Information Management Remains Key

Let’s talk about tablets and smartphones, and the first thing to understand is that it is not about the device, it is about the data. Hand-held devices do not store large amounts of data, and this is where the “cloud” comes in.

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Nicom Maritime secures Virginia contract

Forwarding an article from the local paper…

January 9, 2012 – 6:58pm By BILL POWER Business Reporter [the Chronicle Herald, Halifax Nova Scotia]

A contract for logistics software will allow Nicom Maritime, a division of Nicom IT Solutions Inc., of Halifax, to help officials at Virginia International Terminals in Norfolk track one of North America’s busiest flows of containers, partner Pat d’Entremont said Monday.

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Texting: Does it Add To the Conversation or Subtract From It?

Here is a scenario that many parents have experienced: You call your teenager on their cell phone and get no answer. You then text them and get an instant reply.

And they get both messages on the same device!

Why, you say, could they not respond to the phone call when they just proved by responding to the text message that they had the phone in their hands all the time?

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Managed Print Services Lower Costs, Improve Productivity

You know where it’s all headed eh? Disposable tablets.

That’s right. Tablet PCs are being produced so cheaply in India that they are starting to become a single-use device. Companies there are currently selling these machines for as low as $30 US apiece, and predict they can bring them down to $10. So it isn’t hard to imagine a world where, for example, conference attendees receive their delegate packages burnt onto flash memory in a tablet PC.

So instead of killing trees, we’ll be littering our planet with discarded equipment.

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How to Keep Your Inbox from Overwhelming You

For many of you, the reason you keep emails in your inbox is that you don’t have time to deal with them all right now, but you don’t want to forget about them, right? So if you’re like many people, you end up inundated with emails and an inbox that is so deep you can’t see the bottom.

This article will offer suggestions for what to do about this problem, so you will no longer have to be a slave to your inbox.

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