Nicom’s New Website

We practice what we preach and we’ve recreated our own corporate website ( so that it has a crisp message and is friendly to mobile devices, just like the ones we build for our customers.

I want to thank Ryan Grant for pulling out all stops to get this out in time, and to Mike Hatfield for doing all the things needing doing for making this all work technically. And to the sales and management team for content.

The goal is to always keep our website up-to-date and being representative of what we feel our value proposition is. Removing superfluous content, and moving it to a user-friendly CMS like WordPress will make this much easier than it’s been in the past.

Needless to say, I am delighted to have this important project completed.

Centralize your files with a network drive

It occurred to me the other day that the only reason we have a desktop computer at home is to hold digital photographs and music. With all members of the household owning laptops, this old, slow machine was taking up too much valuable real estate and something had to be done about it.

Still, I liked the idea of a centralized mediaphillic breadbasket, so I decided to replace it with a smaller unit to store our digitized sights and sounds. Read more

SMU Graduate Program Designed to Help Entrepreneurial Students Capitalize on Mega-Projects

If you are a technologist and an innovator, and you think you have an entrepreneurial bent, then do I have the training program for you!

It is at Saint Mary’s University, and it is called the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) program. I know I could have used it when I was starting out, instead of my Master of Hard Knocks (MHK) post-graduate work.

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Megamation Got an Early Read on How to Navigate the Cloud

While many organizations are still trying to decide what to do about Cloud Computing, Megamation Systems Inc. figured it out a dozen years ago. This outfit, which offers computerized maintenance management software, uses a “Software as a service” platform which it runs from a data centre in Halifax.

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Email Marketing, Done Properly, is a Legitimate and Powerful Business Tool

At one time, there was a lot of talk about spam. The term “spam” comes from the canned meats of the same name, and in 1970 the British comedy group Monty Python did a sketch in which diners were served Spam with practically every meal. The term was thus adopted to describe electronic messages that are sent randomly to a large number of people.

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