How Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Halifax are Using Technology

Recently my business partner, Dave Nicholson, did a survey  to find out how small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs – in the Halifax Regional Municipality make use of technology.

What he found was quite interesting.

Read the survey results on our web site:

Official Microsoft SharePoint Competancy

We’ve been working with SharePoint for a long time, and now we are being recognized formally as having a SharePoint competancy under Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner program!

Our competancy comes with a specialization in Portals and Collaboration.

Congratulations to Brad and Charles on writing and passing exams to help us achieve this competancy.

And thank you to Dave for working so hard at keeping us on track year after year with our Microsoft Gold certification. This year there are fewer than 30 companies across Canada that belong to Microsoft’s Partner Excellence Program, and Nicom is one of these companies.

Achieving an official SharePoint competancy is huge for us because of the wide use of this technology. Well done!

The 100%’s keep on rolling in with our certifications

This time it was Ian McLaws who’s rolling in the one-hundred-percents. Ian just passed his “Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM™ 4.0” exam, with a perfect score in 4 out of 5 categories (and he missed the fifth by just one question!)

This now makes Nicom fully CRM certified, and once we get the customer references we will be able to add this as a formal Microsoft Competency.

Since we now use CRM in-house, our sales staff is already familiar with its capability, and now we will have Microsoft working more closely with us at finding new opportunities and with technical support.

It’s the people that make the company, and our congratulations go to Ian for making our company that much better.

Pat and Dave

Mini Laptops Easy on Back and Pocketbook

I don’t really “get” shopping at Costco. For starters, you have to pay to become a member, which essentially means you need to buy the right to become their customer.

Then when you get there, you feel you have to buy in quantities that rival army rations. And on your way out, they practically frisk you to make sure you’re only carrying what you paid for.

I guess they want to make sure you don’t have 394 pounds of hamburger hidden somewhere.

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Summer Fun – Custom Headphones from iFrogz

One thing that’s great about having a technology column is that people send you cool toys to try out. One such sample that I recently received was a set of customizable headphones by iFrogz ( I don’t use headphones myself so I got one of our web developers to try them out. He’s a real audiophile and found them not as high-fidelity as his, which deliver an oh-so-pure sound.

Then I went to the other end of the scale to my teenager, who hasn’t stopped using them since! The thing is, they’re cool to look at, have a decent sound, and – at least for some people – are more confortable than earbuds.

I’ve seen these in the stores; you can buy a variety of looks or go online to to place an order that allows you to customize them to suit your taste.

I remember when I was a teenager. The Turtles were all the rage. So happy together…