A Road Warrior Goes Paperless

Don’t ask me for a pen, because I might not be carrying one. That’s because I now write down all my meeting notes in a computer that understands handwriting – even mine. Read on to see how this saves me countless hours a week.

The story of how this came about started when my company merged with a competitor last year and I found myself in a new role – Business Development. What that meant was that I was out of the office a lot – and I took plenty of notes. Then when I got back in the office, I had to transcribe these notes into our corporate-wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which happens to be a product called Maximizer.

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Vista –a Good News Story (Mostly)

Welcome to this, my first installment of Business Technology. My intent with this column is to review computer technology from a business user perspective. I will try to keep it in plain English, stay away from the hype and discuss things the average business person might encounter. (I will include a glossary of terms when I do need to drift into jargon.) If you have any topics you would like discussed in future articles, please send me an email; if it has to do with technology, chances are either myself or one of my colleagues has hands-on experience with it.

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