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Centralize your files with a network drive

It occurred to me the other day that the only reason we have a desktop computer at home is to hold digital photographs and music. With all members of the household owning laptops, this old, slow machine was taking up too much valuable real estate and something had to be done about it. Still, I […]

Rogers Shows Leadership in “the Internet of Things”

There’s nothing quite as Canadian as street hockey. While the NHL was locked out and the world juniors were playing in the middle of the night, I had been relegated to watching a lot of curling and the fireplace channel on TV. But that all changed with our annual west-end street hockey tournament in Halifax […]

Christmas Daddies Telethon a Huge Success

The Christmas Daddies telethon was on TV yesterday. Nicom is a major sponsor in that we provide the Christmas Daddies web site and online donation facility. This year was particularly challenging in that we have a new payment gateway company, plus the back-end application that we have to feed into (for receipts, on-screen displays, etc.) was […]