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What does “the Cloud” mean to Microsoft Office users?

“The cloud” is simply a term to describe computing services that you access online via a web browser, as opposed to having the same services from a server in your office. Many people are opting to go this route as opposed to buying equipment. Microsoft’s version of the Cloud consists of Office 365, an online […]

There’s a Lot to an Exchange Server Upgrade

One of our employees is off to Meteghan River this weekend in the beautiful (full disclosure: I’m from there) Acadian district of Nova Scotia. He is doing an Exchange Server upgrade for a client who is moving from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2013. Simple, n’est-ce pas? Copy files from A to B and Bob’s […]

Nicom’s New Website

We practice what we preach and we’ve recreated our own corporate website (www.nicomit.com) so that it has a crisp message and is friendly to mobile devices, just like the ones we build for our customers. I want to thank Ryan Grant for pulling out all stops to get this out in time, and to Mike Hatfield […]

Customized Mobile Business Apps Gaining Popularity

When we think of mobile apps, applications that work on a smartphone or tablet, we think primarily of games or downloadable versions of social media programs. The few mobile business applications we see are generic programs for such things as tracking the stock market or sales force automation. But that has started to change, and […]