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On Networking and Smart Mosquitoes

It still is all about networking. We have social media networking, but that’s only part of it. You still need to get out of the office once in a while and network with your peers. (I’m so old I used to network before it was actually called “networking”. When I first heard the term I […]

Our Paperboy Knows – Communication is Key

Our paperboy recently exemplified how important it is to communicate with your customer. After several missed deliveries, I had made up my mind to write to the paper and give them a piece of my mind. Receiving a paper after you’ve left for work is simply not acceptable, I reasoned. “A paper delayed is a […]

We have an Author Among Us!

After many months of work, our own Mike  Hatfield is a published author. His technology book, “CoffeeScript Application Development Cookbook” has been published and is now available on the Packt and Amazon websites. Mike has a  LinkedIn post on the subject, at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-book-has-been-published-mike-hatfield. Congratulations to Mike on this significant achievement!

News from Fujitsu

Now that we’re partnered with Fujitsu, we will from time to time re-blog some of their announcements. (If “re-tweet” is a word, why not “re-blog”? As the late great sportscaster (and Nova Scotian) Danny Gallivan once said, “it’s a word now!”… Fujitsu recently announced that it has become an SAP channel partner authorized to resell the […]

Microsoft Cloud has Familiar Look-and-Feel

Kudos to Charles and Orin in our Technical Support team for having done a seamless in-house migration to Office 365. The event was carefully planned, the instructions very well communicated, and the execution flawless. Now Nicom doesn’t just install clients on cloud computing – we actually use it ourselves! (Always good to eat your own […]