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Making Connections

It is often noted that people like to buy from, and do business with, people they ‘like.’ It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most competent or knowledgeable (although these attributes would help) that have people coming back to them over-and-over again. Getting to know people, connecting with them, is important in life, in general—an […]

Organizations, Certifications Keys to IT Professionalism

What makes a good Information Technology professional? Is it simply good training, gritty determination, logical thinking, and the ability to put in long hours alone at the keyboard? That may be part of it, but a more complete answer would include communicating effectively, understanding business needs, dressing smartly, belonging to professional organizations, and acquiring certifications. […]

Marketing During the Recession

As we all hear over-and-over again, that the world is in the midst of a recession, or an economic slowdown, I have been wondering if cutting back in the marketing division is really necessary. It is generally accepted that this is one of the first, if not the first, areas to see cutbacks during times […]

Save Money by Using Virtualization

In 2008, there was a lot of talk around communications devices, but in many corporations one of the hottest IT topics was a technology called “virtualization”. So I’ll start the new year by explaining what virtualization is and why you might be interested in it. Simply put, virtualization is a way of making a single […]