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The Perfect Score

In 1976, in Montreal, it was Nadia Comăneci with a perfect 1-0-0-0 score. In 2009, in Halifax, it’s Orin Eisenhauer! That’s right, Orin wrote the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Configuring exam and came up with a perfect score… Installing System Center Virtual Machine Manager – STRONG Administering System Center Virtual Machine Manager – STRONG […]

Cloud Computing Alternative to Pricey In-house Gear

We can take somebody’s data center and run it for them on the cloud.  – Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates With this new architecture you’re always online and the applications are stored in the cloud.  – Google CEO Eric Schmidt I really don’t know clouds at all.  – Songwriter Joni Mitchell Everybody’s talking about cloud computing […]

For Free Long Distance Calling, Skype’s the Limit

We were working on an important proposal just at the time when my business partner, Dave Nicholson, and his wife Judy were scheduled to travel to Mexico on vacation. Since Dave’s job is to keep me from giving away the farm, it was important for us to collaborate on this proposal no matter where in the world he happened to be at the time. So we decided it was a good time to try out some long distance Internet telephone usage.

We agreed ahead of time when Dave would be available for a call, and when I contacted him I found him (naturally) in a bar. Judy was using his laptop at the time, so she informed Dave that his computer was “ringing”.

When we connected I was amazed at how clear he sounded – except that his voice was much deeper, and he sounded like one of those deep synth disk jockeys. “Hellooowrmph!” I guess when his voice was broken up, sent through cyberspace and put back together – sort of like those transporters on Star Trek – something must have happened to enhance it.