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Windows 7 is About Simplicity and Responsiveness

David Miller is a brave soul. He is one of the senior technical support people at my company Nicom and he likes to use test versions of software long before they are ever released to the public. So David has been using Windows 7 for months now as his main operating system, even though it […]

Small Business Owners in HRM are Technology Savvy

If ever I had to put together an army, I’d recruit Costco shoppers for their sheer loyalty. My comments in last month’s column garnered more feedback than usual, most of it illuminating the privileges of membership which I so callously discounted in my remarks. In my world, the privileges of membership usually relate to technology […]

Official Microsoft SharePoint Competancy

We’ve been working with SharePoint for a long time, and now we are being recognized formally as having a SharePoint competancy under Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner program! Our competancy comes with a specialization in Portals and Collaboration. Congratulations to Brad and Charles on writing and passing exams to help us achieve this competancy. And thank […]

The 100%’s keep on rolling in with our certifications

This time it was Ian McLaws who’s rolling in the one-hundred-percents. Ian just passed his “Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM™ 4.0” exam, with a perfect score in 4 out of 5 categories (and he missed the fifth by just one question!) This now makes Nicom fully CRM certified, and once we get the […]