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50 for 50

You know it’s a sign your customers appreciate you when they send you cards and gift certificates. Charles Thomas received a card for his upcoming birthday from Strum Environmental Services. In it was a gift certificate for $50 at Canadian Tire. I guess they felt there would be some significance to the number “50”, which […]

Brad George to speak on SharePoint

Brad George will speak at the upcomming Professional Development Summit (www.pdsummit.ca). Here is what he will be talking about: SharePoint – A Revolution or Just Plain Revolting (Brad George) Have you ever thought… I wish I didn’t have to open a browser every time I go to my SharePoint project site, or I wish my […]

Neat Outlook trick

I use a little trick with Outlook signatures, and from what I gather from talking to a few folks, not too many people do this. Do you find yourself sending the same email over and over again to different people (“We’ll keep your resume on file”, “Here are the directions to our office”, etc.)? What […]

CRM Software Improves Customer Service

There are three types of people: those who can count and those who can’t. Or so goes the old mathematician’s joke. Counting and keeping track of things is a very human thing to do. We want to know where we stand. For years, companies have been able to accurately track their accounting via computerized programs.  […]