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COVID-19 Protocol

It is almost business as usual at Nicom, because we are used to working remotely, as we work in an industry where it is commonplace to do so. So from March 18-31, 2020, we are practicing “social distancing,” which means we are working mostly from our homes. The best way to reach us is via […]


As we neared the new millennium back in the 90s, we realized there were two ways to solve the looming Y2K problem. One was to expand the “year” fields in databases to have 4 digits instead of two. That would postpone the problem until the year 10000. Another way was to leave the fields in […]

SQL Server 2008 Support ending in July, 2019

If you are still running applications on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008, you should be aware that support for this platform is ending on July 9, 2019. As of that date, you will no longer be getting security updates from Microsoft. Microsoft does make options available, such as moving to the Cloud (Azure platform), or upgrading […]

Nicom-Built Data Dashboards now Online at Port of Halifax

The strength of a seaport lies in the stakeholders that participate in its supply chain. These stakeholders consist of terminal operators, shipping lines, freight forwarders, road and rail operators, federal authorities, and the other countless operators that are involved in moving goods along. All these participants in the supply chain generate data, and need data […]