A Day at the Optometrist

“Which is clearer, one… or two? One… or two?” Most of us have been there, with our face pushed up against the machine while the eye doctor flips different lenses in front of us.

“Definitely two.”

“Three… Or four? Three… Or four?” You’d think by now there’s be something better, and at my last visit a few days ago I pointed that out, much to her delight in fact.

“I think three.”

“Five… Or six? Five… Or six?” No, there isn’t anything. No machine that reads your eye, does a bunch of calculations, then spits out your eye prescription.

“Hmmm! Can’t really tell.”

“Five… Or six? Five… Or six?”

“OK, I’d say six.”

One thing I will say though, they now have a mean three-dimensional image of your eyes, that show all the veins, spots, and shadows, and I found that very impressive. Someday the technology will be here to calculate your prescription automatically as well, leaving out the somewhat subjective dialogue.

“Last one… Seven… Or eight…?”

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