A Day at the Optometrist

“Which is clearer, one… or two? One… or two?” Most of us have been there, with our face pushed up against the machine while the eye doctor flips different lenses in front of us.

“Definitely two.”

“Three… Or four? Three… Or four?” You’d think by now there’s be something better, and at my last visit a few days ago I pointed that out, much to her delight in fact.

“I think three.”

“Five… Or six? Five… Or six?” No, there isn’t anything. No machine that reads your eye, does a bunch of calculations, then spits out your eye prescription.

“Hmmm! Can’t really tell.”

“Five… Or six? Five… Or six?”

“OK, I’d say six.”

One thing I will say though, they now have a mean three-dimensional image of your eyes, that show all the veins, spots, and shadows, and I found that very impressive. Someday the technology will be here to calculate your prescription automatically as well, leaving out the somewhat subjective dialogue.

“Last one… Seven… Or eight…?”

Introducing Visual Studio Code

Given the buzz in the air around this year’s Build conference, you may have missed their announcement on releasing a brand new code editor called Visual Studio Code or VS Code for short.

Why should you care? Simply put, this is an editor designed and optimized specifically for working with code.

I am a bit of an editor junkie and have used many (an actual screenshot of my task bar below):

From left to right, that’s Brackets (from Adobe), Visual Studio, VS Code, Atom (from GitHub), Sublime Text and Notepad2.

I tend to switch between them choosing the right tool for the job. Lately, that has been VS Code. I really like what Microsoft has delivered. Not only is it cross platform (Winnows, Mac and Linux), but it’s finely tuned specifically for working with code.

This is only a beta release, but I would not let that stop you from installing it and taking a look at it. In the last 3 weeks, they’ve delivered two major updates as the team works towards their 1.0 release.

To find out more or download a copy (it’s completely free and open source), visit code.visualstudio.com.