It Seems Digital, But We Still Live in an Analog World

The other day, I had lunch downtown with my brother Nil. We got caught up on all the usual guy stuff – football, hunting, stock car racing, and analog versus digital.

Nil told me he is an analog man, and my jaw dropped. How could a modern man actually prefer analog over digital? I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

We often use the saying “living in a digital age”. What exactly does that mean? And what age did we live in before?

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Christmas Daddies Telethon a Huge Success

The Christmas Daddies telethon was on TV yesterday. Nicom is a major sponsor in that we provide the Christmas Daddies web site and online donation facility.

This year was particularly challenging in that we have a new payment gateway company, plus the back-end application that we have to feed into (for receipts, on-screen displays, etc.) was completely rebuilt, necessitating a great deal of collaborating and testing with outside partners. We also have ever-changing browsers and releases of browsers to deal with.

I am happy to report that it ran flawlessly.

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