A Visit from Jobs and Gates

Feedback I get from time to time is that my articles are “too technical”. Well it is after all a technology column; however, I am mindful that many business people appreciate plain English once in a while. So my approach is to keep it fairly technical throughout the year, then ease the throttle back for the Holidays.

This year’s December piece is presented in verse, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore (and Henry Livingston, just in case).

‘Twas a late night last weekend, when all through the house
Just one thing was stirring: my infrared mouse.

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What We Do at Our Nicom Maritime Division

There was a good article on us in the latest Port of Halifax magazine; click on this link below, press the right arrow three times, click on the page to zoom in, then click and drag the article into view…


Christmas Daddies Again a Huge Success

Christmas Daddies raised in excess of $700,000 this year in support of children throughout the Maritimes. We at Nicom are proud to have been part of this charitable cause for the past 11 years. Roxanne Robinson, Executive Director of Christmas Daddies expressed her thankfulness that “people continue to make underprivileged families in our region a priority at this special time of year”.

The Christmas Daddies media release can be found at: http://www.christmasdaddies.org/index.php/news/views/christmas_daddies_telethon_another_resounding_success.