Even Smart Business People Need to Protect Themselves Online

I received an email the other day saying I could get 68% off luxury watches. Then a few seconds later I received another email saying I could get 88% off luxury watches, and both emails pointed me to the same web site! So for fun I went to the web site and it told me I could get luxury watches for 85% off.

All this to say that you can’t really trust emails from people you don’t know. In the past twelve months alone, I must have run across fifteen distraught widows of world leaders who had huge sums of money to deposit if only they could find a bank account number with which to do so.

Now those are obvious things to avoid, but there are some pretty sophisticated scams out there on the Internet, and I read all the time about people being taken in.

Even smart people like you. So maybe it’s time for a refresher course on how to protect yourself online.

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