A Dozen Web Sites to Add to your Summer Reading Program

As we enter these dog days of summer, why don’t you take a break and visit some of
these interesting web sites to see if there are utilities you would like to use to
make your life a little easier.

I thank the folks at Nicom IT Solutions, particularly Barry Milne, for sharing these
with us. (The sentences in quotations following the web addresses are how the companies
describe themselves.)

www.xobni.com – “Drowning in Email? Find People,
Email & Attachments Instantly.” Xobni  is “inbox” spelled backward. This
is a clever little utility you can download and plug into Outlook to help you manage
your email traffic.  It keeps track of email conversations and organizes them
by person and topic. It identifies with whom you converse the most and what’s the
best time of day to find them at their computer.

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